Mucha’s Light: Ancient Images

Five sound sketches on the historical paintings of Alfons Mucha (1996/2005) I first traveled to the Moravian region of Czechoslovakia in 1991 to conduct my own music at the 26th International Music Festival in Brno. While there, I visited the South Moravian town of Moravský Krumlov. Its castle served as a museum gallery for theContinue reading “Mucha’s Light: Ancient Images”

Canzona 1497

Canons for antiphonal brass . . . 2020 . . . duration: 7 minutes The death of the great Flemish composer Jan Ockeghem in 1497 marked the end of Western Music’s Medieval style period. The most famous composer of the late 15th century, Ockeghem’s style of choral music was intensely contrapuntal, filled with canons, andContinue reading “Canzona 1497”

First Light

2018      wind ensemble      Duration: 7:30    “first dawn” “shimmering light” First Light is a double reference. It is the term used when a new telescope is commissioned and opens its optics for the first time to capture light. When Texas State University opened its new Performing Arts Center, the 2015 inaugural concert in the acousticallyContinue reading “First Light”