Yin Yang

2022 . . . voice and piano (4:10) A visit to the shores of Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula inspired me to write a poem: Peninsula upon peninsula upon grand peninsula,Lee upon Leelanau upon Lower.Cove from bay from great lake,Suttons Bay off Grand Traverse Bay off Lake Michigan. Land curves in myriad shore shapes,Reaching out to blueContinue reading “Yin Yang”

Leelanau Sketches

Sound sculptures . . . 2022 . . . duration: 30 minutes Michigan, The Great Lake State, is two enormous peninsulas surrounded by Lakes Michigan, Superior, and Huron. Actually, there are many smaller peninsulas extending out into the lakes. The Leelanau Peninsula (north of the venerable Interlochen music camp where I spent many summers) extendsContinue reading “Leelanau Sketches”

Great Lake

2021 . . . percussion trio . . . duration: 10 minutes Horizon . . . Thunder . . . Squall . . . Sun sparkles . . . Powerful waves The music is fashioned out of a small set of sound resources: simple sounds of drums, bright sounds of ringing metal instruments, and deepContinue reading “Great Lake”

By the Shining Water

2021 . . . . sound sculpture . . . . duration: 7:30 I have often gazed at beautiful bodies of water, especially Lake Michigan and, more recently, the river Vltava in Prague. This sonic sketch combines musical metaphors for several features common to these majestic waters: waves and currents; sun sparkling on the surface;Continue reading “By the Shining Water”

Three States of Water

2021       string orchestra         duration: 22 minutes Inspired by the great serenades for strings of Dvořák and Tchaikovsky, this suite explores musical metaphors for the physics of H2O in interesting atmospheric and geographic settings. I. Cold front (VAPOR becomes SOLID): In low clouds on mountain tops, water vapor can become super-cooled and become freezing fog, fillingContinue reading “Three States of Water”